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As providers of state-of-the-art equipment and processes, we understand that best results are only obtained with proper design, equipment selection processes, correct installation and preventive maintenance. 
We have over thirty years of managerial experience in the art and science of metal finishing ourselves. The companies we represent have experts and specialists on hand to advice on the trickiest problems and thorniest issues that could be encountered. We draw upon this expertise to provide the best technical advice to our clients on the design of processes, selection of equipment.
Our trained technicians and engineers provide on-site assistance for installation and commissioning of equipment. The equipment suppliers we represent have drawn up detailed instructions for the precise installation and proper usage of the outstanding equipment supplied, and for the appropriate scheduled preventive maintenance. Our technical team instructs and guides the operators and maintenance personnel of our clients on site, to make sure that the equipment deliver peak performance for the longest possible time. 
Spares and consumables for the equipment sold by us are kept in stock at our warehouse in Gurgaon and our technicians and engineers visit our clients both regularly for scheduled maintenance and also sometimes, as and when needed for breakdown maintenance. 

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