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Conventional drying is often carried out using hot air. But this is neither energy-efficient, nor can high temperatures be used for sensitive products such as foils and plastics. Many items such as long hollow tubes are particularly difficult to dry…. Thus existing conventional driers are often a bottleneck in the production sequence.
⦁    Do you want to improve the quality and speed of your drying?
⦁    Do your products require gentle temperatures?
⦁    Are you looking for drying method that is both efficient and energy saving?
Harter ‘s heat pump based condensation drying reconciles all these seemingly conflicting qualities: low temperatures, gentle drying, short drying cycles, quality results, customised air routing, integrated heat pump technology, energetically closed system and highly energy-efficient.
The heart of the Airgenex® dryer is a highly efficient heat pump-based dehumidification module. 

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⦁    Very fast: Airgenex® condensation drying saves you 50% of time required by conventional drying methods, such as hot air drying or simple fan-based systems.
⦁    Very efficient: Harter combines air dehumidification with sophisticated air routing so as to direct the dry process air only to where it is supposed to go to absorb humidity. Also, drying is effected in a closed system with heat recuperation. This makes drying take full effect while being extremely cost effective.
⦁    Very gentle: The Airgenex ® system uses drying temperatures ranging between 20O and 80O C. The lower temperatures ensure that sensitive materials such as plastics or foils do not get damaged
⦁    Very reliable: the dehumidification process takes place in a system which is closed in terms of thermal energy. The drying systems are thus completely independent of effects of the climate and the weather. This ensures highest process reliability.

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Metsurfin Pvt Ltd, 629, JMD Megapolis
Sohna Road, Sector 48
Gurgaon 122018, Haryana, India

+91-124-4064951, +91-9654455797 (PP: Mrs Kala)

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