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We offer two techniques for level monitoring/control – float switches and conductive probes.


Float switches can be used only in case of liquids that do not form crusts easily and up to two-level positions can be controlled; they do not need a separate electronic control.


Conductive probes can be used only for electrically conducting liquids and need a separate electronic controller. Up to four levels can be monitored and controlled in a single process tank

level control and monitoring system

Level Control And Monitoring System In India

level control and monitoring system
level control and monitoring system


With level probes, you can realize safe level control and monitoring. Since level probes are passive sensors, always a corresponding electronics must be connected.


The functionality of the level probe is based on the conductive principle and is only guaranteed in electrically conductive liquids


Easily and inexpensively realize the level control and monitoring.
The float switches are available with one, two, or three switching points and various designs.
Float switches may only be used in non-incrusting process liquids.

Liquid Level Control And Monitoring System

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